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My research interests involve artificial intelligence, neural networks, Hypernetworks, multi-agent simulation, with a particular focus on Spiking Neural Networks. In this connection, I have looked specifically at their application to autonomous systems from both the perspective of robotics and simulated environments. Indeed, it was with this focus that I obtained my PhD at the Centre for Complexity and Design, Faculty of Computing and Mathematics - The Open University UK in 2017.

In my PhD thesis I proposed a new artificial synaptic architecture based on the biology of heterosynaptic plasticity and neuro modulation observed in animal nervous systems. The architecture explicitly abstracts the modulation of complex biochemical neuronal mechanisms into a simplified computational model suitable for the engineering of artificial neural systems while maintaining low computational complexity. The proposed neural architecture was used alongside the research work as a building block to develop artificial neural circuits to control autonomous agents and robots. Together with the presentation of experiments, the thesis illustrates and discusses the advantages of heterosynaptic architecture.

I am looking forward to working with people and teams who share my areas of interest.


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