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Publications and Conference Papers

  • Jimenez-Romero, C., Tisnes, A., and Linares, S., 'Modelo de simulacion del COVID-19 basado en agentes: aplicacion al caso argentino,' Revista Posicion, vol. 3, 2020

  • Jimenez-Romero, C. (2017) PhD Thesis: 'A Heterosynaptic Spiking Neural System for the Development of Autonomous Agents'. The Open University Repository, Milton Keynes, UK. Downloadable version at:


  • Jimenez-Romero, C., and Johnson, J. H. (2016). 'SpikingLab: modelling agents controlled by Spiking Neural Networks in Netlogo’. Journal: Neural Computing and Applications (Springer).


  • Jimenez-Romero, C., Sousa-Rodrigues, D. and Johnson, J. H. (2015). 'Designing Behaviour in Bio-inspired Robots Using Associative Topologies of Spiking-Neural-Networks'.  Paper presented at the 9th EAI Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies BICT2015, New York City, USA. (early version downloadable at arXiv:1509.07035v2)


  • Jimenez-Romero, C., Sousa-Rodrigues, D., Johnson, J. H., and Ramos, V. (2015).  'A Model for Foraging Ants, Controlled by Spiking Neural Networks and Double Pheromones'.  Paper presented at the IEEE UK Workshop on Computational Intelligence UKCI2015, Exeter, UK. (early version downloadable at arXiv:1507.08467v3)


  • Johnson, J.H., Jimenez-Romero, C., Sousa-Rodrigues, D., Bromley, J. and Willis, A. (2014). 'Hypernetwork-Based Peer Marking for Scalable Certificated Mass Education'. Paper presented at the European conference in complex systems ECCS14, Lucca, Italy.


  • de Sampayo, M.T., Sousa-Rodrigues, D., Jimenez-Romero C. and Johnson, J.H. (2014). 'Peer-Assessment in Architecture Education'. Paper presented at the International Conference on Technology and Innovation, Brno, Czech Republic.


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